Donors still can’t talk about the c-word

Heather Marquette is Senior Lecturer in Governance in IDD. Her areas of research include comparative politics; political development; African politics; state-building and governance in difficult environments; corruption, good governance and ‘moral politics’; donor approaches to anti-corruption reform; discourses on citizenship; and applied political analysis. She directs IDD’s International Development (Governance and Statebuilding) programme and is … Continue reading “Donors still can’t talk about the c-word”

STOP KONY and the perils of ‘conflict for the Facebook world’

Jonathan Fisher is a research fellow in IDD, focusing on the relationship between Western aid donors and developing states, and how donors construct perceptions of foreign governments and key concepts in international development. He has recently completed an analysis of the role of international donors in Uganda’s recent 2011 elections commissioned by the Deepening Democracy … Continue reading “STOP KONY and the perils of ‘conflict for the Facebook world’”