Donors still can’t talk about the c-word

Heather Marquette is Senior Lecturer in Governance in IDD. Her areas of research include comparative politics; political development; African politics; state-building and governance in difficult environments; corruption, good governance and ‘moral politics’; donor approaches to anti-corruption reform; discourses on citizenship; and applied political analysis. She directs IDD’s International Development (Governance and Statebuilding) programme and is … Continue reading “Donors still can’t talk about the c-word”

Afghanistan and the resource curse

Oliver Walton is a research fellow in the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre.  His areas of interest include NGO legitimacy, civil society peacebuilding, conflict prevention, war-to-peace transitions, and Sri Lankan politics. On the surface, recent announcements of the discovery of about one trillon dollars worth of mineral resources in Afghanistan might seem like a … Continue reading “Afghanistan and the resource curse”