Introducing me – Lucy, 2nd year Adult Nursing

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Hi, I’m Lucy a second-year adult student nurse. I’m 32 and came to do nursing after a psychology degree and working in a nursery, so far it’s been the best decision I ever made.

I decided to go into nursing because I’ve been a life-long patient. I wanted to give something back and I wanted to use my experiences to improve patient experience. My psychology background also made me really interested in public  and preventative health.

I live in Birmingham and was always going to choose a local university for this degree (the last one was in Bangor, Wales), it just made sense with the other circumstances with my life. I chose UoB specifically because of the chance to try out child, adult, and mental health fields in first year, initially I had thought I wanted to do child nursing but after my adult placement I decided to do that instead. Now you have to choose when you start (an NMC requirement with the new standards) but you still get a placement in each field in the first year.

I’m into nursing twitter and tweet daily (@lucy_uo), for anyone thinking about nursing I really recommend you have a look, you’ll see everything nursing has to offer, and it’s a great place to ask for advice. I’m also a Royal College of Nursing (RCN) student ambassador which means I link up students with what the RCN can do for them and encourage them to get involved in events and campaigns.

Outside of nursing I am a Netflix addict. We don’t have a TV at home but we do have a Netflix account that I binge watch shows on. I’ve recently been watching The Crown and Atypical, and now I’ve started Derry Girls. I also recently watched ER which is very different to watch with nurses eyes rather than teenage eyes!

I play Pokemon Go with my partner and friends, there are plenty of Pokestops and gyms around campus, but I mainly play in the city centre.

I’m a big reader as well. I run a bookblog (although I don’t update it as much as I used to), and I’m part of a feminist bookgroup. The best book I’ve read recently is ‘Girl, Woman, Other’, and I’ve been really into non-fiction lately, I’ve read so many medical memoirs that I sometimes wonder if I actually want downtime from work!

Lucy x

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