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The latest New Core ‘Meet the Team’ interview comes from Dawn Hopkins, Project Manager for HR, Payroll, and Document Management.

What is your role on New Core?

My role on New Core is Project Manager for HR, Payroll (HRP), and Document Management. It is my responsibility to ensure that all HRP and Document Management tasks are completed on time in order to ensure that deliverables are met. This involves working closely with colleagues across the New Core Programme and wider University and managing delivery of the associated plans and actions.

What were you doing before joining New Core?

I was a Project Manager at a local authority for seven years, delivering a variety of IT and Change projects.

What has been your focus over the past few weeks/months?

The focus over the last few months for the HRP team has been creating the Process Maps and Standard Operating Procedures for the new system and engaging with HR colleagues so that these can be understood within the University’s HR function.¬† We are currently concentrating on Data Migration to ensure that the correct data will be in the new system.

To enable this there needs to be extensive data translation across old and new systems. Early in 2018 the whole team will be focusing on system testing with our implementation partner. This is exciting as it will be the first time that we will be able to test processes in the system in real time!

What are you most looking forward to in the new system?

What I am most looking forward to is the new system ‘going live’, this is a big change for the University, however the new system is continually improving and this ensures that the technology is always going to be current. The data that the new system will ¬†hold will also make reporting across the University a much more powerful tool.


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