The Oscars: 90 years on, where are all the women?

By Finola Kerrigan, Reader in Marketing and Consumption Department of Marketing, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham On the 4th March, the 90th version of the Academy Awards will be broadcast across the world.  Last year the focus was on representation and diversity with the #Oscarssowhite campaign. This year, it is all about women. Following … Continue reading “The Oscars: 90 years on, where are all the women?”

Why we need experts

By Scott Lucas, Professor of American Studies Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham There has been a lot of bashing of “experts” in recent years. Promoting Britain’s departure from the European Union in June 2016, Michael Gove – a hardline Brexiteer and now Environment Secretary said: “I think that the people … Continue reading “Why we need experts”