‘Green Freeports’- What are they good for?

By Professor David Bailey, Professor of Business Economics, and Dr Ivan Rajic, Research Fellow, Birmingham Business School The UK has some of the widest regional disparities amongst developed countries. The government’s recent ‘Levelling Up’ White Paper was a welcome recognition of the scale of the challenge and that tackling this will need a long term … Continue reading “‘Green Freeports’- What are they good for?”

The secret ingredient: how British tech start-ups transform into Unicorns

By Dr Joachim Timlon, Assistant Professor in Strategy and International Business, University of Birmingham Digital transformation has become a top priority for corporate boards, further accelerated by COVID-19 and strategies that have transformed British tech start-ups into Unicorns. To become a Unicorn a privately owned company needs to be valued at over $1billion. Cazoo, Motorway, … Continue reading “The secret ingredient: how British tech start-ups transform into Unicorns”

Shop early, start wrapping, enjoy Christmas?

By Dr Emma Gardner, Department of Strategy and International Business  Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham. “…in this anomalous and abnormal year, people have more pressing concerns than when to start their Christmas shopping.” Last week, the British Retail Consortium (BRC) launched its new campaign: shop early, start wrapping, enjoy Christmas. The premise behind this … Continue reading “Shop early, start wrapping, enjoy Christmas?”

VIDEO AND PODCAST: Why do we need more female CEOs?

Female CEOs of large firms are a rare breed. In the US in 2015, there were more CEOs called John running big companies in the US than women. In 2016, there were only six female CEOs in the firms covered by the FTSE 100 index and 12 in the FTSE 250 index. In the FTSE 100, there were … Continue reading “VIDEO AND PODCAST: Why do we need more female CEOs?”