Should I walk in my own shoes or in the shoes of others?

By Professor Kiran Trehan, Department of Management, University of Birmingham Leadership on International Women’s Day is about reflection, advocacy, and action but it is also about leadership that engages all your senses, not just our minds. I wake up this morning, it’s a lovely spring day, fresh, sunny, with the promise of hope in the … Continue reading “Should I walk in my own shoes or in the shoes of others?”

March4(which)Women? Conservative MPs and Feminism

By Amelia Morris,  Doctoral Researcher Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Birmingham such feminism “breaks the glass ceiling” in the sense that other women are “blinded by falling shards” On Sunday 4th March, thousands of protesters took to the streets in London to demonstrate their support of gender equality, with a particular emphasis … Continue reading “March4(which)Women? Conservative MPs and Feminism”