Celebrating Student Excellence – the Society for Endocrinology Undergraduate Achievement Awards

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Wtitten by Dr Jon Mueller

Endowed by the Society for Endocrinology, we award three undergraduate student prizes each year. One is for endocrinology-related study achievements in the BioMed study programme. Another one is for stellar marks in endocrine modules for MBChB medical students. The third prize is awarded for the highest ranked study project, across programmes.

This year, we feature a total of six students for our three prizes. Congratulations to Rebecca and Gurimaan, who share the MBChB study prize, because of a draw in their impressively high marks. Well done, Alex, who receives the BioMed study prize. For the endocrine research project prize, we have two highly commended runner ups, Imogen & Matt.

Emily receives the project prize for her thesis “PLK1 inhibitors as a new targeted treatment for adrenocortical carcinoma”. She has worked hard despite the COVID19 related issues and has been very good both in the manual lab work and with the interpretation of the results; this is at least how her supervisor Dr Cristina Ronchi described her.

Congratulations to all our awardees 2021 from Martin Hewison (Head of Education) and Jon Mueller (SfE Undergrad Achievement Award holder)

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Image shows photographs of undergraduate student prize winners including Rebecca Powell, Gurimaan Sandhu, Alexandra Henman, Emily Warmington, Imogen Tasker and Matthew Singh. The image congratulates them on behalf on the IMSR, Martin Hewison and Jon Mueller.