No Thanks, Aunty! PCOS Awareness event led by British South-Asian women

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We’ve added another event to our line up of PCOS Awareness Month activities this September!

NO THANKS, AUNTY! has been organised by a group of women with PCOS who are involved in the DAISy-PCOS Leadership project, connected to Professor Wiebke Arlt’s Wellcome Trust funded research and public engagement programme.

Join members of the DAISy-PCOS leadership team for a light hearted discussion event which will explore what it feels like to manage PCOS symptoms whilst also navigating the attitudes and advice of others – who are not always so helpful! The event will have a focus on PCOS symptoms such as weight gain and excess facial hair, as well as the cultural experiences of women with South-Asian heritage. The event is however open to people of all backgrounds and it aims to be a safe space for sharing experiences and ways of coping.

The event is taking place on Wednesday 22nd of September 2021 at 6 pm GMT

Register now for No Thanks, Aunty! at

The image promotes an upcoming online event called 'No thanks, Aunty!'. This event is organized by members of the DAISy-PCOS leadershio team as part of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness Month. The image shows a photo of a woman with a surprised expression on her face. The text provide the date of the event as Wednesday 22 September 2021 and 6pm GMT as the time. It further adds "Join us for a light-hearted discussion event exploring what it feels like to manage PCOS symptoms such as weight gain and excess facila hair, whilst also having to deal with other people's (not always helpful) attitudes and advice!". To register for the event readers are encoyraged to visit the following web address