Recent research on radiotherapy shared with pituitary patients

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The Birmingham Pituitary Academy organised a successful patient engagement session on radiotherapy on Saturday 15th January 2022.

Dr. Sara Meade, Consultant Oncologist from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Dr. Ross Hamblin, Clinical Research Fellow of Dr. Niki Karavitaki discussed the pros and cons of radiotherapy for pituitary tumours. 

Recent research data of the pituitary team on the risk of second brain tumours after pituitary radiotherapy were communicated to and discussed with attendees, with plenty of time given to ask questions.

The Birmingham Pituitary Academy will continue its patient and public engagement activities and their next event is coming soon. They are keen to encourage other patients and people with an interest in this area to attend and share their lived experience, suggestions and questions.

Please contact Dr Niki Karavitaki if you would like to be kept informed of the upcoming event or if you would like to know more about the research in this field. We will also add the details on to our events page here once we have them!

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