New #SMQBair blog from artist Lucy Hutchinson!

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The lastest SMBQ Artist in Residence (aka #SMQBair) blog has been published, this time from artist Lucy Hutchinson. Lucy works at the cross-section of art, science and technology to explore how visual practices and storytelling are used to shape the world. The outcomes of her work often take the form of prints, publications, installation, moving image and data generated objects and are often made in collaboration with academia and members of the public.

In her blog post, Lucy describes her artistic process & the research on Acromegaly inspiring her artworks. The project involves an interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers in the SMQB and colleagues in the IMSR and University Hospitals Birmingham. Lucy has also engaged acromegaly patients in conversations shaping her work.

Collage artwork by Lucy Hutchinson depicting representations of acromegaly over time and in popular culture

Read her blog and see more of Lucy’s intriguing work HERE.