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Translation/Photography/Performance Opportunities with Southside Producers

For Spring Festival/Lunar/Chinese New Year the Cultural Calendar has been in contact with Southside Producers and the Birmingham Hippodrome, who will be hosting events in the local Birmingham area.

Southside Producers are organizing an event at the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre in the New Year (date TBC). They welcome as many attendees as possible to this event, and are particularly interested in hearing from students from the Chinese diaspora about their experiences of living in the UK, and the western stereotypes and prejudices they might be faced with. They also want to know about the diverse experiences of being Chinese, and want to know more about cultural, religious, sexual, gender and economic differences. Because of this they want to hear from a diverse range of backgrounds, whether Chinese nationals, mixed heritage, or first and second generation, and urge students from all backgrounds to get involved!

These experiences and stories will be exhibited at the Birmingham Hippodrome over the week of Chinese New Year (4th February), and potentially the week prior. Southside Producers are currently putting together a call-out for this event, and are also looking for students to translate it into Mandarin and Cantonese! This is an excellent (and paid) opportunity for students, and we recommend getting in touch with them at: ssp@beatfreeks.com for more info. Contact them soon mind, as they are looking to get the call-out published before Christmas.

In addition to this, Southside Producers are also looking for a Photographer and a Performance Artist for Sunday the 10th at the Hippodrome. Applications and details of these roles can be found be following these links below:

Photographer Application Form: https://goo.gl/forms/58OE4IVg3hu9Rp172 

Performance Artist Application: https://goo.gl/forms/biiCFhmB1ORDOzmy1

Both these opportunities close on December 19th, so we urge interested students to take a look and apply as soon as possible!

The Cultural Calendar Blog are keen to publish material relating to contribution towards any aspect of these events highlighted above, and we urge involved students to contact us at n.f.gallen@bham.ac.uk. We will also be promoting these events, alongside other Spring Festival/Lunar/Chinese New Year events taking place in the Birmingham area in the New Year. So please watch this space.

Cultural Calendar Project Team

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