Translation/Photography/Performance Opportunities with Southside Producers

For Spring Festival/Lunar/Chinese New Year the Cultural Calendar has been in contact with Southside Producers and the Birmingham Hippodrome, who will be hosting events in the local Birmingham area. Southside Producers are organizing an event at the Birmingham Chinese Community Centre in the New Year (date TBC). They welcome as many attendees as possible to this … Continue reading “Translation/Photography/Performance Opportunities with Southside Producers”

17 December 2018 by

Blog for a Chance to Win

The Cultural Calendar Blog would be nothing without its student contributions and because of this, the project team have decided to run a competition for bloggers. The premise of this competition is pretty simple: every blog post will be entered in to a draw each semester for the chance to win a cultural prize in … Continue reading “Blog for a Chance to Win”

19 October 2018 by