Module Recap: International Health Protection (09.10.17)

It was a pleasure to spend a week with a great group of students. To make the course truly international we had the ever-engaging Dr Olaf Horstick who flew in for a couple of days to educate and entertain us in equal measure. Furthermore, we had Skype lectures from colleagues in Spain, America, Hong Kong, … Continue reading “Module Recap: International Health Protection (09.10.17)”

Recap: MPH/MHRM  Dissertation Poster Event (September 2017)

The very first poster presentation session for the MPH/MHRM programmes was held on 5th September 2017. Students displayed a poster detailing key features of their dissertation research. The session enabled students to see the work done by their fellow students and to also socialise over a drink and cake. It was the last formal gathering of … Continue reading “Recap: MPH/MHRM  Dissertation Poster Event (September 2017)”

Introducing the new MPH Deputy Programme Director – Raoul Reulen (August 2017)

 Written by Dr Raoul Reulen  On behalf of the Institute of Applied Health Research I would like to welcome you to the Master of Public Health programme. I recently took over as Deputy Director of the MPH and was appointed as the new Post-Graduate Teaching Lead for the Institute after being the Institute’s Director of … Continue reading “Introducing the new MPH Deputy Programme Director – Raoul Reulen (August 2017)”

Introducing the new MPH Programme Director – Derek Ward (August 2017)

  Written by Dr Derek Ward Thank you to everyone who’s welcomed me into this new role. I was fortunate to start in August when plans to welcome our new cohort of students was already well underway, and with lots of help from Tamara, Julie and the module leads, I am well on the way to … Continue reading “Introducing the new MPH Programme Director – Derek Ward (August 2017)”

MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)

  Written by Oyintenane Suowari, NHS Doctor My experience during the MPH programme was a very enlightening and interesting one. Part of my initial drive to pursue this degree was an opportunity to take a break from within the four walls of a hospital and experience medical practice from a different perspective, the public health … Continue reading “MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)”

MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)

  Written by Matt Salt, Standardisation Associate at the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM) Directly after graduating from an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Sciences at UoB, I enrolled as a part time MPH student in 2013, while working full time at University Hospitals Birmingham. As well as being a flexible option in my … Continue reading “MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)”

MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)

  Written by Stephanie Fowler, Senior Analyst at the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PHN)  I had very little exposure to Public Health during my years of training as a Medical Doctor. It was during my years of practice working as a Medical Doctor in Public Health facilities in Nigeria that I realized that I … Continue reading “MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)”

Student Module Review: Health Protection 1 (08.05.17)

Health Protection is one of the most important things in improving health in a community, since prevention of a disease can make so much difference not only in the mean time, but also in a longer period of time. However, working as a health professional has made me realise that health protection is a one … Continue reading “Student Module Review: Health Protection 1 (08.05.17)”

Student Dissertation Topic Highlight (08.05.17)

A Systematic Review to Summarise the Potential Issue of Body Image Dissatisfaction in Patient with Inflammatory Bowel Disease  By Sophie Beese, MPH Student  Inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis) is a serious chronic condition characterised by inflammation of the colon. It can have a huge impact upon the lives of those living … Continue reading “Student Dissertation Topic Highlight (08.05.17)”

Module Focus: Qualitative Research Methods (08.05.17)

This module aims to cover all aspects of a qualitative research project while also giving insights in the theoretical underpinnings and debates that shape qualitative research. Therefore, it is essential for anyone doing a wholly or partly qualitative project for their dissertation, but also useful for students with an interest in the narratives, experiences and … Continue reading “Module Focus: Qualitative Research Methods (08.05.17)”