VIDEO AND PODCAST: Is democracy better in theory than practice?

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By Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy,  and Niheer Dasandi, Birmingham Fellow in Politics and Development, International Development Department, University of Birmingham

“A lot of the issue is around the expectation that democracy will function perfectly, and actually, it’s never going to do that.”

People often argue that democracy has great advantages in theory, such as elected governments, protecting the rights of the people and the promotion of equality. However, democracy doesn’t always deliver in practice.

In this latest episode of Unfiltered, Professor Nic Cheeseman and Dr Niheer Dasandi, sit down over a cup of coffee and define what democracy means, whether it lives up to its billing and where in places, it has fallen complacent. Drawing on examples from across the world, they discuss the future of democracy and whether, despite its limitations, it is the best option of governance.

Listen to the full conversation

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