World Social Work Day: Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability

By Barbara Fawcett, Professor of Social Work (Adults and Communities) Department of Social Work and Social Care, University of Birmingham Social workers are catalysts for sustainable change in complex situations. World Social Work Day always makes us think about global challenges. It raises questions, such as how is social work making a difference worldwide; what … Continue reading “World Social Work Day: Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability”

March4(which)Women? Conservative MPs and Feminism

By Amelia Morris,  Doctoral Researcher Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Birmingham such feminism “breaks the glass ceiling” in the sense that other women are “blinded by falling shards” On Sunday 4th March, thousands of protesters took to the streets in London to demonstrate their support of gender equality, with a particular emphasis … Continue reading “March4(which)Women? Conservative MPs and Feminism”

Forced migrants and social justice: no justice for asylum seekers in the UK

By Jenny Phillimore, Professor of Migration and Superdiversity Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, University of Birmingham In aid of World Day of Social Justice, which this year focuses on ‘Workers on the Move: the Quest for Social Justice.’ The emergence of a so-called “refugee crisis” in Europe wherein over a million refugees fleeing … Continue reading “Forced migrants and social justice: no justice for asylum seekers in the UK”

Random Acts of Kindness: Displaying Moral Character or the Pursuit of Likes?

By Aidan Thompson, Director of Strategy and Integration Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtue, University of Birmingham “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention”. Saturday 17 February 2018 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day, where people are encouraged to perform acts of kindness either at random, or for random … Continue reading “Random Acts of Kindness: Displaying Moral Character or the Pursuit of Likes?”

Morality: what it is and how to teach it

By Michael Hand, Professor of Philosophy and Education School of Education, University of Birmingham Schools in England are legally required to promote the moral development of pupils. But what exactly does this involve? Most people agree that morality is important and needs to be taught, but when it comes to saying what it is and … Continue reading “Morality: what it is and how to teach it”

Why transforming autism education matters

By Dr Karen Guldberg, Reader in Autism Studies Department of Disability, Inclusion and Special Needs, University of Birmingham Once upon a time, ‘Rainman’ was one of the few portrayals of an autistic person in the media. This has changed from ‘The A word’ to “The Bridge’, from ‘The Good Doctor’ to ‘The Autistic Gardener,’ there … Continue reading “Why transforming autism education matters”

Blue Monday: Motivation

Doing something you enjoy can improve your mood and there is evidence that helping others makes you feel good. Feel good choirs are increasing in numbers and volunteering is at its highest level for many years, but going for a walk alone, in a group or with friends and family is recognised as having a … Continue reading “Blue Monday: Motivation”

Blue Monday: Mindfulness

Thoughts are transient when something causes us concern despite having very little control over the issue we can focus and ruminate on that. The idea of diverting our thoughts is not new, however, the increased visibility of mindfulness has led to many people who would not normally carry out an activity related to mediation taking … Continue reading “Blue Monday: Mindfulness”

Blue Monday: Sleep

Sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing. Despite the occasional night without sleep not causing immediate risks, it is vital that a regular sleeping pattern is established. Sleep is often affected by environmental and social factors. The duration, quality and timing of sleep can impact our physical and mental health, and long term sleep disruptions … Continue reading “Blue Monday: Sleep”

Blue Monday: What we eat and drink

Thinking about what we eat and drink can make a difference in our energy levels and how we feel. Therefore understanding which foods suit you, make you feel good and give you energy can be useful. Once you have eaten, it takes between 24-72 hours for food to pass through your stomach, small intestine, and … Continue reading “Blue Monday: What we eat and drink”