From Coding ‘Hello World!’ Program to Developing Your Own Solver in OpenFOAM

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OpenFOAM SIG Meeting – July 2024

Event Details

Date: 3rd July 2024 – 2-4 pm.

Venue: GC13, C Block Ground Floor, Met & Mat Building (G6), University of Birmingham.

Organiser: Dr. Chandan Bose, Chair of BEAR Fluid Dynamics and OpenFOAM SIGs.


In this SIG Meeting, participants will embark on a comprehensive learning experience transitioning from basic programming concepts to advanced computational fluid dynamics solver development in OpenFOAM. Starting with the foundational “Hello World!” program, the session will guide attendees through the essential principles of CFD, the architecture of OpenFOAM, and the steps involved in running simple simulations. The highlight of the talk will be an in-depth exploration of customizing and coding solvers in OpenFOAM, culminating in developing a custom solver. By the end of this talk, participants will have gained a solid understanding of OpenFOAM’s environment, enhanced their coding skills, and acquired practical knowledge for developing and optimizing their own CFD solvers, preparing them for further advanced studies or professional applications in the field.


To join the group’s Teams site, please contact Dr. Chandan Bose, Assistant Professor of Aerospace Engineering, School of Metallurgy and Materials, Email: