Asylum Seeker Conversions: misconceptions inherent in the public response

by Dr Grace Milton, Research Fellow, Edward Cadbury Centre In the UK, religious conversion is generally considered to be a private matter.  Citizens have the legal right to hold and manifest religious beliefs[1]without fear of intervention or public criticism.  However, there are occasions when conversion, and its associated rituals, become a matter of intense public … Continue reading “Asylum Seeker Conversions: misconceptions inherent in the public response”

A Christian family’s involvement in the antiquities trade

The Green family is behind Hobby Lobby, an American chain of arts and crafts stores, that agreed to pay a $3 million federal fine and forfeit thousands of ancient Iraqi artifacts in early July 2017. Before it was known that Hobby Lobby was under federal investigation for its acquisition of antiquities, Professor Candida Moss interviewed Steve Green, President of Hobby Lobby.