MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)

  Written by Stephanie Fowler, Senior Analyst at the Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria (PHN)  I had very little exposure to Public Health during my years of training as a Medical Doctor. It was during my years of practice working as a Medical Doctor in Public Health facilities in Nigeria that I realized that I … Continue reading “MPH Graduate Testimonial (May 2017)”

Student Module Review: Health Protection 1 (08.05.17)

Health Protection is one of the most important things in improving health in a community, since prevention of a disease can make so much difference not only in the mean time, but also in a longer period of time. However, working as a health professional has made me realise that health protection is a one … Continue reading “Student Module Review: Health Protection 1 (08.05.17)”

Student Dissertation Topic Highlight (08.05.17)

A Systematic Review to Summarise the Potential Issue of Body Image Dissatisfaction in Patient with Inflammatory Bowel Disease  By Sophie Beese, MPH Student  Inflammatory bowel disease (including Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis) is a serious chronic condition characterised by inflammation of the colon. It can have a huge impact upon the lives of those living … Continue reading “Student Dissertation Topic Highlight (08.05.17)”

Module Focus: Qualitative Research Methods (08.05.17)

This module aims to cover all aspects of a qualitative research project while also giving insights in the theoretical underpinnings and debates that shape qualitative research. Therefore, it is essential for anyone doing a wholly or partly qualitative project for their dissertation, but also useful for students with an interest in the narratives, experiences and … Continue reading “Module Focus: Qualitative Research Methods (08.05.17)”

Student Rep Report: Introduction and Reflections (08.05.17)

My name is Ali Al-Osaimi – I am the Lifestyle Improvement Programme Manager working for Sandwell Public Health. I am the part-time student rep. As a senior Public Health Programme Manager, I have the responsibility for a portfolio of services which includes NHS Health Check programme, diabetes prevention programme, Healthy Sandwell Portal as well as … Continue reading “Student Rep Report: Introduction and Reflections (08.05.17)”

Outstanding Teaching Award (June 2016)

We would like to congratulate our programme director, Dr Krish Nirantharakumar, for recently receiving an outstanding teaching award from the University and the Guild of Students. Krish has been recognised for his excellent teaching style and overall commitment to students. He would like to extend his thanks to everyone involved in efforts to organise and run the MPH course, … Continue reading “Outstanding Teaching Award (June 2016)”

Research Highlight: Understanding the Perceived Causes of Postnatal Depression: A Qualitative Systematic Literature Review (31.01.17)

Background: Postnatal depression is a major public health concern, which may produce adverse outcomes for the mother, the infant and the family. Aim: To systematically review the qualitative evidence that comprehensively explores the perceived causes of postnatal depression. Methods: Following the PRISMA (2009) guidelines, a systematic review was conducted from February 2016 through to May … Continue reading “Research Highlight: Understanding the Perceived Causes of Postnatal Depression: A Qualitative Systematic Literature Review (31.01.17)”

Student Module Review: ESRM (31.01.17)

      I was quite fascinated with research method as early as first year in medical school, conducting a study on Emergency Obstetrics Care knowledge among medical student over a 2years period- a naïve attempt at cohort study- one I would certainly give more thought now were I to conduct the study again as a knowledgeable University … Continue reading “Student Module Review: ESRM (31.01.17)”

Student Dissertation Topic Highlight (31.01.17)

Mental health outcomes of unaccompanied refugee minors: A systematic review of current research  By Joyce Erogun, MPH Student  The topic of this dissertation is the mental health outcomes of unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs). This systematic review will summarise all relevant studies that are longitudinal in design, focused on the outcome of this population. Previous studies … Continue reading “Student Dissertation Topic Highlight (31.01.17)”

Module Focus: Health Economics (31.01.17)

This was the third year that the MPH Health Economics module ran alongside the Economic Evaluation module of the MSc Health Economics and Health Policy and MSc Health Economics and Econometrics.  Some sessions were specifically developed to introduce MPH students, and students of Genomic Medicine, to key concepts in health economic evaluation and healthcare priority … Continue reading “Module Focus: Health Economics (31.01.17)”