Services and Experiences from Space

The on-going debate on the future of retailing and the high street has within it an emphasis on the shift from purchasing ‘experiences’ rather than goods. This transformation of economic transactions into experiences can be traced back over two decades but has been intensifying. January is often associated with a number of experiential movements – … Continue reading “Services and Experiences from Space”

The Implications of Brexit for the UK’s Regions

Our research for the UK in a Changing Europe (“The economic impacts of Brexit on the UK, its regions, its cities and its sectors”) has demonstrated that the implications of Brexit are profoundly different for the different cities, regions, and nations of the UK. Yet, the proposed UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement brokered by Prime Minister Theresa … Continue reading “The Implications of Brexit for the UK’s Regions”

The Exposure of the West Midlands Region to Brexit

There are many unknowns relating to Brexit, regarding (i) the nature of the final trade deal and (ii) the potential responses of firms and consumers to any major shock like Brexit. Nevertheless, “a partial but still very wide-ranging and impact assessment can be undertaken even without such specific knowledge of the final trade deal and … Continue reading “The Exposure of the West Midlands Region to Brexit”

A Voice for UK Regions Now

In this blog, Frank van Oort, Erasmus University Rotterdam, summarises the outcomes from the four workshops City-REDI recently ran across the UK. Running among hundreds of people for the Virgin train from London’s Kings Cross to Leeds on a Sunday morning with exactly 5 minutes boarding time provided, makes you realise how uncomfortably tight the UK can plan … Continue reading “A Voice for UK Regions Now”