West Midlands Weekly Economic Impact Monitor – 4th September 2020

WM REDI has been tasked with providing an up to date monitor of the current COVID-19 economic impacts, on a weekly basis. These reports will help regional partners to shape responses and interventions to boost the region’s resilience so that it can thrive going forward. Each week the focus of the report relates to research … Continue reading “West Midlands Weekly Economic Impact Monitor – 4th September 2020”

Regions in a Time of Pandemic

Professor Raquel Ortega Argiles, writing for WM REDI looks at how the pandemic and lockdowns have disproportionately affected more deprived areas, both in terms of health and finance, as well as other factors including the environment and working conditions. This blog is based on the last editorial of Regional Studies “Regions in a time of … Continue reading “Regions in a Time of Pandemic”

Incubators, accelerators and local economic development

Dr Max Nathan writes about how incubators and accelerators, both widely used forms of business support in the tech sector, can be applied to a range of other industries. This blog originally appeared on the LSE CEP Urban and Spatial Programme Blog, found here I’ve written a new CEP Discussion Paper on co-working, incubators, accelerators … Continue reading “Incubators, accelerators and local economic development”

From Birmingham to Dubai (with Rihanna): Reading City-Regions

Professor John Bryson reflects on his time visiting the new campus of the University of Birmingham Dubai. It is a rather chilly 8am on Sunday 30 September 2018. By chilly, I mean that it is only 31°C here but by 1pm it will be 37°C. Back in the former workshop of the world, the West … Continue reading “From Birmingham to Dubai (with Rihanna): Reading City-Regions”

Birmingham Economic Review 2018 – Launch Event

City-REDI and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce are working together to produce the Birmingham Economic Review for 2018. This annual review is an in-depth exploration of the economy of England’s second city and is a high-quality resource for organisations seeking to understand the city to inform research, policy or investment decisions. The 2018 edition is being … Continue reading “Birmingham Economic Review 2018 – Launch Event”

City-REDI at the Party Conferences

City-REDI is delighted to be hosting fringe events at this year’s Labour and Conservative Party Conferences on the theme of Brexit. Findings from the University of Birmingham suggest that the UK’s cities and regions which voted for Brexit are also the most economically dependent on EU markets for their prosperity and viability. With differing sectoral … Continue reading “City-REDI at the Party Conferences”

What should the Mayor do on skills & housing?

Skills is a significant issue for the West Midlands but it’s structural and deep seated nature means 100 days of Mayoral activity is only the start. Solutions are long term and require fundamental changes to the regional economy, labour market and delivery structures. It’s vital the Mayor puts in place a programme of change that … Continue reading “What should the Mayor do on skills & housing?”