City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – March and April 2024

Events – presenting work / speaking engagements 22 March, Alice Pugh and Hannes Read presented at a National Civic Impact Accelerator event –  An Introduction to Developing Business Cases for Civic Engagement Projects. 9 April – Matt Lyons joined a workshop at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre on “Multi-regional input-output in research and development”. … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – March and April 2024”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – February 2024

Events – presenting work/speaking engagements On 1 February, Rebecca Riley chaired the Green Book Network Steering Group. On 13 February, Rebecca Riley attended the National Civic Impact Accelerator Programme Board Meeting. On 26 February, Abigail Taylor presented at the launch event for a new report for CIPFA – Investing in Regional Equality – four English … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – February 2024”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – November 2023 – January 2024

Events – presenting work / speaking engagements 15 November 2023, Dr Matt Lyons hosted a special session “Development & application of multi-regional input-output tables” at the North American meetings of the Regional Science Association. 7 December, George Bramley presented at the West Midlands Health Technology Innovation Accelerator Innovators and Partners Assembly to introduce City-REDI’s role … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – November 2023 – January 2024”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – October 2023

Events – presenting work / speaking engagements 4 October – Matt Lyons attended the 14th Annual Geoff Hewings Workshop and presented on ‘Can R&D policy level up the UK? A multi-regional input-output approach’. 18 – 20 October, Fumi Kitagawa spoke at the Societal Impact of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts conference (SSHA) Conference, Cardiff University, … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – October 2023”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – September 2023

Local and Central Government Anne Green and Abigail Taylor presented work on ‘Place-based employment support: learning from Connecting Communities in the West Midlands’ in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Learning and Development series on 12th September 2023. City-REDI and WMREDI researchers participated in the West Midlands Combined Authority’s  (WMCA) Economic Symposium at the Library of … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – September 2023”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – August 2023

Events – presenting work / speaking engagements Annum Rafique presented work with Juliane Schwarz’s on “Understanding the Role of University-Based Assets on Innovation in SMEs” at the 62nd Congress of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) on August 28, held in Alicante, Spain. Reports / publications released Liu-Farrer, G., Green, A. E., Ozgen, C., & … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – August 2023”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – July 2023

Media engagements Matt Lyons was quoted in a Guardian article about the Commonwealth Games “‘Birmingham could pull it off’: city considers hosting Commonwealth Games again”. Awards/ Funding The Railway Group in the School of Engineering recently won £30 Million in funding from Research England. City-REDI helped develop the supporting business case for the bid. Rebecca Riley … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – July 2023”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – June 2023

Media engagements City-REDI featured in WIREDGOV public sector alerting service “UKRI invests in policy innovation partnerships for local growth”. City-REDI featured in the West Wales Chronicle about the LPIP Hub. Rebecca Riley discusses levelling up in Scotland in Holyrood magazine. Simon Collinson and Charlotte Hoole wrote a commentary piece for the Academy of Social Sciences … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – June 2023”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – April 2023

Events – presenting work / speaking engagements A number of City-REDI staff attended a workshop with Leiden University on 19th April to discuss research.  Simon Collinson gave an overview of our work, Chloe Billing and Annum Rafique presented on “The role of government-funded innovation accelerators in improving local firm performance and local economic growth” and … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – April 2023”

City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – March 2023

Events – presenting work / speaking engagements On Monday 6th March WMREDI hosted The 3rd Expert Roundtable on ‘Empowering Innovation through Public Procurement’. This event, co-organised with the University of Manchester and the Connected Places Catapult (CPC), launched the Innovation Procurement Empowerment Centre (IPEC), with speakers from the Cabinet Office, DSIT and Innovate UK. On … Continue reading “City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – March 2023”