Lessons for the West Midlands From Greater Montreal

Recently, I had the privilege of travelling to Montreal, to present a paper with my colleague Rebecca Riley and meet with key policy makers. The trip provided a fascinating comparison with the West Midlands, in particular in terms of the success of industrial clusters, approaches to promoting FDI, the use of innovation zones, and university … Continue reading “Lessons for the West Midlands From Greater Montreal”

Meet Matt Patterson, Administrative Assistant at City-REDI

I have been a member of the City REDI Team for a little under 4 months, having joined as part of the professional services team towards the start of August. I am new to the world of academia, having worked in the private and third sectors in my previous jobs. Much of the culture and … Continue reading “Meet Matt Patterson, Administrative Assistant at City-REDI”

Professor Simon Collinson Awarded Chartered ABS Fellowship

Professor Simon Collinson, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Regional Engagement and Director of City-REDI at the University of Birmingham was awarded a Fellowship from the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) at the CABS 2019 Annual Conference, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the organisation’s mission over the course of several years. Professor Collinson was a … Continue reading “Professor Simon Collinson Awarded Chartered ABS Fellowship”

Research Funding as a Driver of Growth

This blog post has been produced to provide insight into the findings of the Birmingham Economic Review. The Birmingham Economic Review 2019 is produced by City-REDI, University of Birmingham and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, with contributions from the West Midlands Growth Company. It is an in-depth exploration of the economy of England’s second … Continue reading “Research Funding as a Driver of Growth”

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City REDI is a research institute focused on developing an academic understanding of major city regions across the globe to develop practical policy which better informs and influences regional and national economic growth policies. Each week we publish a series of blogs on cities, economics, business, politics, regional development, local government and skills, highlighting our … Continue reading “Sign up to the City-REDI Mailing List”

Meet Josh Swan, Policy and Data Analyst at City-REDI

Since joining the City-REDI Team in July 2019 I have explored many interesting concepts in economics, entrepreneurship and business. I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2015 with a degree in BA Political Economy where I looked into the main characteristics of the National and Global Economy. In particular, I enjoyed looking at how … Continue reading “Meet Josh Swan, Policy and Data Analyst at City-REDI”

Meet Fengjie Pan, City REDI’s New Productivity Research Fellow

My name is Fengjie and I recently joined the City-REDI Team working on the Productivity Project. I am from China, and completed my MPhil and PhD in the University of Manchester. My PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy explored the knowledge sharing and co-creation in service innovation based on the Knowledge-Intensive Business Services. I … Continue reading “Meet Fengjie Pan, City REDI’s New Productivity Research Fellow”

Data for Good. How Has Data Transformed Today’s Social Sciences?

At the beginning was Big Data, then Machine Learning came and now is the time of AI. Since buzzwords emerge faster than the innovation waves they describe, the conceptualization of digital transformation remains sometimes vague, although it can be considered the result of convergence among advances made in several related information and communication technologies (ICTs). … Continue reading “Data for Good. How Has Data Transformed Today’s Social Sciences?”

West Midlands Economic Monitor: August 2019

August’s edition of the West Midlands Economic Monitor is now available for you to keep up to date with recent developments in the region. This month’s monitor reveals that PMI data has improved, the region is bucking the trend on investment and a tall-build boom in Birmingham continues to gain momentum. Get the latest edition … Continue reading “West Midlands Economic Monitor: August 2019”

Meet Ben Brittain – Policy and Data Analyst, City-REDI

In 1890 an American magazine praised Birmingham as ‘above else a business city, run by businessmen on business principles,’ this admiring review was a result of Birmingham’s international reputation as a commercial city of industry, services and – following Joseph Chamberlain’s reforms – of civic dignity. Joseph Chamberlain’s successful reforms were based crucially on his … Continue reading “Meet Ben Brittain – Policy and Data Analyst, City-REDI”