How Iceland Is Using Digital to Increase Public Participation in Politics

There are a few countries that immediately spring to mind when thinking about e-government, or the digital transformation of public services and using the internet to alter the relationship between the citizen and the state. Estonia is the poster child for this movement, with its digital voting platforms, e-residency for businesses and innovative information-sharing systems … Continue reading “How Iceland Is Using Digital to Increase Public Participation in Politics”

City-REDI Seminar Series: Predicting the Past: A Machine Learning Approach to Detect Innovative Firms in Time of Crisis

Presenter:  Marco Guerzoni, Associate Professor of Applied Economics, Department of Economics and Statistics “Cognetti de Martiis”, University of Turin On the 23rd of October 2019, Marco Guerzoni presented the first City-REDI seminar of 2019. You can watch a video of the presentation below (Apologies but there is a slight buzz on the recording). Abstract: This … Continue reading “City-REDI Seminar Series: Predicting the Past: A Machine Learning Approach to Detect Innovative Firms in Time of Crisis”

What is Smart Specialisation?

Welcome to part two in our new series “What is…?” where we explain the language, terms and ideas used in our day-to-day work.  Other blogs from the series include: What is GVA?  What is Transport Resilience? What are Industrial Clusters and Economies of Agglomeration? Definition and description Smart specialisation is a policy framework aimed at … Continue reading “What is Smart Specialisation?”

Meet Juliane Schwarz – Research Fellow at City-REDI

My name is Juliane and I’m a Research Fellow at City-REDI since October last year. Originally from the South of Germany, I made the UK my home at the start of this millennium. My connections to the Midlands has been growing ever since, though I have also spent some time in the North of England … Continue reading “Meet Juliane Schwarz – Research Fellow at City-REDI”

Industrial Strategy: Four Rationales

Industrial policy: why bother? There is a very large and diverse literature on industrial policy. The subject is covered by lots of different kinds of academics, with different language and approaches. For instance, the field covers endogenous growth theory [1] ; Schumpeterian models of entrepreneurship / innovation / creative destruction [2]; industrial economics [3]; science … Continue reading “Industrial Strategy: Four Rationales”

Businesses Must Take Advantage of Generous Tax Reliefs to Continue Innovation Trajectory

This blog post has been produced to provide insight into the findings of the Birmingham Economic Review. The Birmingham Economic Review 2018 is produced by City-REDI, University of Birmingham and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, with contributions from the West Midlands Growth Company. It is an in-depth exploration of the economy of England’s second … Continue reading “Businesses Must Take Advantage of Generous Tax Reliefs to Continue Innovation Trajectory”

Meet Massimiliano Nuccio, Research Fellow at City-REDI

I enthusiastically accepted to join City REDI at the University of Birmingham because I believe it is a unique academic research centre in its scope and approach. Since starting at City-REDI have found a stimulating working environment, passionate people and very skilled colleagues. Although my background is in economics and business, my career has not … Continue reading “Meet Massimiliano Nuccio, Research Fellow at City-REDI”

Services and Experiences from Space

The on-going debate on the future of retailing and the high street has within it an emphasis on the shift from purchasing ‘experiences’ rather than goods. This transformation of economic transactions into experiences can be traced back over two decades but has been intensifying. January is often associated with a number of experiential movements – … Continue reading “Services and Experiences from Space”

City-REDI Spring Seminar Series

City-REDI is delighted to invite you to our seminar series covering economics, economic geography, regional science, economic development, critical urbanism and urban policymaking. The seminars are open to all including PhDs, Masters students and non-academics. Do join us, and feel free to forward to others who might be interested. The seminar programme can be found below … Continue reading “City-REDI Spring Seminar Series”

The Birmingham Economic Review 2018 – Ideas

The Birmingham Economic Review was produced in October 2018 by City-REDI, the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and the West Midlands Growth Company. The review highlights the current strengths and weakness of the Birmingham economy, as well as looking at the opportunities and threats that might impact upon it in the future. Over the next few weeks, we will be producing … Continue reading “The Birmingham Economic Review 2018 – Ideas”