Brexit and the UK’s Regional and Urban Challenges

Brexit poses four direct challenges that relate to sub-national, regional and urban issues. First, it leads to an economic challenge in that the UK’s interregional inequalities are likely to become even greater than they currently are. Second, and consequent upon the first, is that Brexit also leads to a political challenge in that the expectations of voters … Continue reading “Brexit and the UK’s Regional and Urban Challenges”

Inequality, Not Facebook, Threatens Our Democracies

In a recent viral TED Talk, the British journalist Carole Cadwalladr accused big tech companies in Silicon Valley of threaten liberal democracies and becoming “accessories” to their alleged subversion. In particular, she recalled the Cambridge Analytica case and accused Facebook of acting as a tool to spread lies and misinformation that eventually made Leave campaign … Continue reading “Inequality, Not Facebook, Threatens Our Democracies”

Parliamentary ‘Constipation’: Toilet Paper, Brexit Apocalypse and the Kalends or Ides of April

I had a dream last night. I awoke on the Kalends or perhaps the Ides of April to a Brexit Apocalypse. The UK Government had failed to persuade Parliament to approve the withdrawal deal and the UK had left the EU without the benefits of a negotiated and agreed deal. There is much confusion here … Continue reading “Parliamentary ‘Constipation’: Toilet Paper, Brexit Apocalypse and the Kalends or Ides of April”

What do England’s towns need from devolution post-Brexit?

With just a couple of weeks to go until the UK’s planned exit from the European Union, the country still faces significant uncertainties about the shape Brexit will take and the impact it will have on businesses and livelihoods. Yet perhaps more concerning is what Brexit has so starkly revealed about the state of regional … Continue reading “What do England’s towns need from devolution post-Brexit?”

The Knowns, The Unknowns, Deal or No-deal Brexit and the March 2019 Spring Statement

It is that time of year again when over 250,000 people head to Cheltenham. It is also time for another budgetary statement from the Chancellor, Philip Hammond.  The political timing of the Spring Statement means that it falls within a period of great political uncertainty. Thus, the real risk is that the Spring Statement 2019 … Continue reading “The Knowns, The Unknowns, Deal or No-deal Brexit and the March 2019 Spring Statement”

City-REDI Brexit Regional Participatory Workshop Videos

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, “The Economic Impacts of Brexit on the UK, its Regions, its Cities and its Sectors” project started in April 2017 and is part of a series of 25 projects funded by ESRC to support the initiative UK in a Changing Europe coordinated by Professor Anand Menon at King’s … Continue reading “City-REDI Brexit Regional Participatory Workshop Videos”

City-REDI at ERSA Lyon

City-REDI researchers have been involved in organising a range of special sessions at the European Regional Science Association Congress taking place in Lyon 27-30 August 2019. In particular, the topics are indicative of the expertise and research interests of the institute and cover: S03. Engaging with the Digital World: the effects for society, places and individuals … Continue reading “City-REDI at ERSA Lyon”

The Implications of Brexit for the UK’s Regions

Our research for the UK in a Changing Europe (“The economic impacts of Brexit on the UK, its regions, its cities and its sectors”) has demonstrated that the implications of Brexit are profoundly different for the different cities, regions, and nations of the UK. Yet, the proposed UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement brokered by Prime Minister Theresa … Continue reading “The Implications of Brexit for the UK’s Regions”

Sign up to the City-REDI Mailing List

City REDI is a research institute focused on developing an academic understanding of major city regions across the globe to develop practical policy which better informs and influences regional and national economic growth policies. Each week we publish a series of blogs on cities, economics, business, politics, regional development, local government and skills, highlighting our … Continue reading “Sign up to the City-REDI Mailing List”

Launch of the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory

The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory is part of the Midlands Engine, a partnership of local and combined authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, universities and businesses working together in new and transformative ways to invigorate the £207 billion Midlands economy. Home to over 10 million people and 440,000 large and small businesses, the Midlands has huge potential … Continue reading “Launch of the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory”