What is Smart Specialisation?

Definition and description Smart specialisation is a policy framework aimed at finding ways to enhance the scale and effectiveness of entrepreneurial processes trying to develop regions’ indigenous potential. Its origins are linked with the European Commission’s Europe 2020 Strategy for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. But has been adopted for many other countries around the … Continue reading “What is Smart Specialisation?”

Industrial Strategy: Four Rationales

Industrial policy: why bother? There is a very large and diverse literature on industrial policy. The subject is covered by lots of different kinds of academics, with different language and approaches. For instance, the field covers endogenous growth theory [1] ; Schumpeterian models of entrepreneurship / innovation / creative destruction [2]; industrial economics [3]; science … Continue reading “Industrial Strategy: Four Rationales”

Meet Abigail Taylor, our new Policy and Data Analyst

I recently joined City-REDI as a Policy and Data Analyst. Throughout my academic studies and career, I have been interested in understanding the role of place in social and economic inequalities. Joining the City-REDI team gives me the opportunity to pursue this further through contributing to research and policy analysis that informs and influences regional … Continue reading “Meet Abigail Taylor, our new Policy and Data Analyst”