The Midlands Recruitment Sector in 2023

Jack Stockport, Business Technology Manager from SF Recruitment discusses some of the key factors behind the encouraging performance of the Midlands recruitment sector. This article was written for the Birmingham Economic Review 2023. The review is produced by City-REDI / WMREDI, the University of Birmingham and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. It is an … Continue reading “The Midlands Recruitment Sector in 2023”

Megatrends in the Midlands 2023

Megatrends are an issue that City-REDI has written about previously. We have a fantastic podcast series which is well worth a listen to and a 2021 report focussing on the West Midlands. This latest blog is written to coincide with a new report produced by City-REDI in collaboration with the Midlands Engine looking at Megatrends … Continue reading “Megatrends in the Midlands 2023”

The Creative Sector Vision: What Does It Say and What Might It Mean for the West Midlands?

On Wednesday the UK Government released the Creative Sector Vision a highly anticipated update to creative policy. Dr Matt Lyons provides a summary of the document and some initial reflections on what it could mean for the region. The Creative Sector Vision published yesterday is the much-anticipated latest iteration of the UK Government’s policy for … Continue reading “The Creative Sector Vision: What Does It Say and What Might It Mean for the West Midlands?”

Regional Growth Opportunities: Building Productivity and Resilience Through Supply Chains

Dr Wanrong Zhang & Prof Jan Godsell discuss the importance of supply chains for the region, the issues affecting them, and why we should develop a regional ‘supply chain productivity’ goal. This blog post was produced for inclusion in the Birmingham Economic Review for 2021. The annual Birmingham Economic Review is produced by City-REDI, University … Continue reading “Regional Growth Opportunities: Building Productivity and Resilience Through Supply Chains”

Good Jobs in the Midlands After COVID

Tony Dobbins and Anne Green outline some of the key points discussed at a recent event looking at good work in the Midlands. Speakers at a joint Work Inclusivity Research Centre (WIRC) and City-REDI webinar on June 24th 2021 debated research and policy ideas in support of good work in the English Midlands. Comparisons were … Continue reading “Good Jobs in the Midlands After COVID”

Launch of the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory

The Midlands Engine Economic Observatory is part of the Midlands Engine, a partnership of local and combined authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, universities and businesses working together in new and transformative ways to invigorate the £207 billion Midlands economy. Home to over 10 million people and 440,000 large and small businesses, the Midlands has huge potential … Continue reading “Launch of the Midlands Engine Economic Observatory”