Professor Francis Davis discusses the impact of immigration on UK Churches on BBC Radio 4

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Professor Francis Davis discussed the impact of immigration on UK Churches on the BBC Radio 4 show Beyond Belief on December 5, 2016.

The topic of the show was introduced on BBC Radio 4’s website with the following words: “Churchgoing in the UK is in steep decline, but between 2005 and 2012 attendance rose by 14% and that is down to immigration. One in seven church services in London are not conducted in English. Many of the new worshippers are Poles and other Eastern Europeans who took the opportunity which the enlargement of the European Union offered to come to Britain. Others are fleeing conflict in places like Somalia and Syria. What impact is immigration having on the Churches in Britain? What opportunities and challenges does it pose to them?”
Rea, Ernie (Narrator). (2016, December 5). Immigration and the Church. In Beyond Belief. BBC Radio 4. Retrieved from

BBC Radio 4 Interview with Francis Davis

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