***Extended Service Impacts for BEAR***  ****May 17th to May 26th 2018****

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Latest News – Summary of BEAR Services affected

  • BlueBEAR HPC : Reduced service
  • BEAR Cloud ( VM ) : No service
  • CaStLeS compute ( VM and Batch) : No service with a few minor exceptions (In each case, the PI owner has been informed).

The good news is that All CaStLeS data will remain available throughout. This is a change to the original plan. Similarly, we have found a workround to ensure BEAR Gitlab will be up and usable

All other BEAR Services will be up throughout.


BEAR migration – a small matter of disassembling and moving around 10 tonnes of kit and thousands of cables. Advanced Research Computing will be working with a set of external engineers and a professional logistics company as well as Estates to ensure this goes smoothly with the aim of returning BEAR services to normal by Saturday 26th May. See previous articles for more info about the project.

We will be posting progress bulletins on the BEAR Blog, twitter (follow us @uob_rescomp) and circulating emails to all users of our services with major developments.