Red Flag and Data City: A Comparison

Reen Blake-Carr looks at two companies providing economic and business data and assesses their similarities and differences. With thanks to Charlie Hopkirk, Black Country Consortium for his input into the development of this blog. What is Red Flag Alert? Red Flag Alert is a company that was founded in 2004 to help identify new business … Continue reading “Red Flag and Data City: A Comparison”

Is the West Midlands Population Growing?

Reen Blake-Carr compares recent census data with 2011 to examine population change in the West Midlands. The 2021 Census was released recently and revealed a population increase of 6.1%, which amounts to 24.8 million households in England and Wales, up from 23.4 million households in 2011. Birmingham In Birmingham, there was a population increase of … Continue reading “Is the West Midlands Population Growing?”

Technological Innovation and Disruption in Birmingham

Reen Blake-Carr reviews the risks and opportunities of technological disruptions in the manufacturing sector in Birmingham. This blog post was produced for inclusion in the Birmingham Economic Review for 2022.  The annual Birmingham Economic Review is produced by the University of Birmingham’s City-REDI and the Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. It is an in-depth exploration … Continue reading “Technological Innovation and Disruption in Birmingham”

The City Index: Comparing The Major Three Cities in the West Midlands

Reen Blake-Carr uses the WMREDI City Index Model to compare the performance of three major cities in the West Midlands – Birmingham, Coventry, and Wolverhampton. View the City Index, part of the WMREDI Data Lab. About the City Index The City Index looks at different cities in the region and evaluates them based on 10 … Continue reading “The City Index: Comparing The Major Three Cities in the West Midlands”

Meet Reen Blake-Carr, City-REDI’s New Policy and Data Analyst

I have been with the City-REDI team since July 2021, when I started out as an intern on placement for 13 weeks. During my internship, I worked on building City-REDI’s database of economic indicators for the region, which would allow colleagues to visit a ‘one-stop-shop’ to find the relevant data needed for projects. Using the … Continue reading “Meet Reen Blake-Carr, City-REDI’s New Policy and Data Analyst”