City-REDI / WMREDI Monthly Update – June 2022

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Events – presenting work/speaking engagements
  • On 7th June, Carolin Ioramashvili presented a paper “Building Bridges and Providing Direction: The Role of STEM Assets in Innovation Ecosystems” (with Simon Collinson, Magda Cepeda Zorrilla, Annum Rafique and Pei-Yu Yuan) at the Global Conference for Economic Geography in Dublin, in a special session on “Understanding the Connection between Science and Innovation – Empirical Studies of Processes, Relationships and Policy”.
  • John Goddard was a contributor alongside Sir Geoff Mulgan and the leader of Plaid Cymru at the launch of Cardiff  University’s Social Science Park (SPARK) on 9th June.
  • Simon Collinson presented as a panel member at the CiviCon22 Event in a session on “What universities can bring to address the challenges of funding levelling up” organised by the national Civic Universities Network (CUN) on 13th June.
  • City-REDI / WMREDI held its Advisory Board meetings on 15th June in The Exchange with the Head of College, Richard Black and representatives from local government, the Chamber of Commerce, and businesses based in the city-region.
  • Simon Collinson presented the opening keynote speech at the University’s Postgraduate Research Festival 2022, on the Festival theme ‘Civic Researchers in Action’, celebrating ‘Postgraduate Researchers Making a Difference’ on 16th June.
  • Abigail Taylor and Anne Green took part in a conference hosted by City-REDI and the Heseltine Institute called “Employment Support and Future Skills: Benefits of a Place-Based Approach” on 16th June.
  • On Monday 20th June Hannes Read, Elizabeth Williams and Connor McFadden presented the emerging themes from the Virtual Internship Toolkit project at the HEFi Conference.
  • George Bramley presented to Green Innovation Network on 22nd June on available support to businesses in the West Midlands and the issues around future provision with the ending of ERDF funding in 2023.
  • Anne Green, Rebecca Riley, Chris Millward  (Education)  and John Goddard contributed to the second  City-REDI Universities and Levelling Up  Forum chaired by Lord (Bob) Kerslake  on 23rd June
  • On 1st July, Anne Green contributed to a Panel Session on ‘Inclusive Growth: academic and practitioner perspectives’ at De Montfort University, Leicester.
Media engagements
  • On 27th June, Anne Green was included in a feature on ITV Central News speaking about the 2021 Census. 
Reports / publications released
  • WMREDI has published a new policy briefing about the Manufacturing Technology Centre – examining the impact of STEM assets in the West Midlands.
  • Anne Green and Abigail Taylor co-wrote a chapter with Ceri Hughes and Paul Sissons on ‘Localising employment support: opportunities and challenges’ in the Social Policy Review 34 published by Policy Press in association with the Social Policy Association
Look ahead to the coming months…
  • On Monday 4th July Hannes Read, Elizabeth Williams and Connor McFadden will present a poster of the Virtual Internship Toolkit at the HEFi Festival.
  • On Friday 9th July Hannes Read will co-present a 55-minute workshop on using a student knowledge exchange impact toolkit at the Student Engagement in Knowledge Exchange for Civic Good conference at the University of Portsmouth.

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