City-REDI/WMREDI Round Up – October 2023

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Events – presenting work / speaking engagements
  • 4 October – Matt Lyons attended the 14th Annual Geoff Hewings Workshop and presented on ‘Can R&D policy level up the UK? A multi-regional input-output approach’.
  • 18 – 20 October, Fumi Kitagawa spoke at the Societal Impact of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Arts conference (SSHA) Conference, Cardiff University, organised by the Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science (AESIS Network).
  • 18 October – Fumi Kitagawa was the Chair and invited speaker for a session, “Regional Collaboration for Development”.
  • 19 October – Fumi Kitagawa was Co-facilitator for a Roundtable called “Evidencing Regional and Global Development”.
  • 31 October – Donald Houston, City-REDI was a panellist on a UK In a Changing Europe event, “What is the state of the UK Labour Market?”
Reports / publications released
Policy Engagement
  • 5 October – Anne Green attended a Royal Society of Edinburgh workshop event involving policy makers from Yorkshire & the Humber on ‘Alternative approaches to local economic development’.
  • 10 October – Four members of City-REDI attended a meeting convened by the West Midlands Combined Authority (Innovation manager and senior research officer) on R&D data capturing – issues of local data traceability.
  • 11 October  – Chloe Billing attended the West Midlands International Strategy – Innovation Pillar Deep Dive. The West Midlands Growth Company have been commissioned to develop an International Strategy for the region and this meeting will feed into a Green paper, in the early stages of developing the strategy.
  • 12 October – Rebecca Riley took part in the West Midlands Business Forum.
  • 12 October  – John Goddard presented at the British Academy Roundtable discussion on Universities as social and cultural infrastructure.
  • 13 October – Fumi Kitagawa attended the West Midlands Supply Chain Workshop with the WMCA.
  • 13 October – Anne Green attended an Operational Board meeting for the West Midlands and Warwickshire Local Skills Improvement Plan.
  • 13 October – Fumi Kitagawa took part in the Japan Science and Technology Landscape review for the  Government Office for Science.
  • 17 October – Fumi Kitagawa presented at the “Organisational capacity building” – the case of University of Birmingham, to the delegates from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the National Civic Impact Accelerator (NCIA).
  • 17 October – Simon Collinson contributed to the (Lord) Harrington Review on Foreign Direct Investment, which reports to the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Business and Trade. The findings of the report, due to be announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, show that a more strategic and proactive approach is needed to boost inward investment. It also calls for Universities to take a leading role, particularly to address the downturn in foreign investment in UK-based R&D.
  • 17 October – Rebecca Riley presented at the Digital Skills Day Symposium.
  • 18 October  – Annum Rafique attended the National Retrofit Hub (WG1) Task and Finish Group: Archetypes.
  • 25 October – WMREDI Advisory Board Meeting.
  • 26 October – City-REDI and the Greater Birmingham Chambers launched the latest Birmingham Economic Review. Anne Green was a panellist at the event.
  • 31 October – Anne Green will be attending the Systems Science in Public Health Economics Research (SIPHER) Inclusive Economies Advisory Group meeting.
  • 7 November – Fumi Kitagawa attended the West Midlands Combined Authority Innovation-Devolution Working Group to discuss R&D data and devolution issues, add inputs on research issues.
  • 7 November – George Bramley presented at a roundtable discussion on the legacy of the Commonwealth Games and place-based marketing.
Look ahead to the coming months…
  • 20 November – Rebecca Riley will be attending the  Birmingham Anchor Network Co-ordination Group.


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