City-regions need great universities as strong and committed ‘anchor institutions’

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City-REDI has published the first in their series of briefing papers. This paper looks at the role of universities as key ‘anchor institutions’ for enhancing the economic, social and cultural offer of a place and its wider region.

Please see the full briefing here.

Following a discussion of the policy context and the role of universities as ‘anchor institutions’ within their host region, the briefing puts forward a number of policy recommendations;

  • Promote further the role of universities as a source of regional skills and expertise, and encouraging links between teaching programmes and local organisations.
  • Provide funding incentives for research collaborations with other regional universities and corporate partners in areas aligned with regional economic growth plans. This can assist in the development of regional specialisations as well as more competitive, high-wage local economies.
  • Provide funding incentives for combining STEM capabilities with business and management expertise to help translate science and technology into new products and services.
  • Review local procurement guidelines in view of increasing the capacity of universities to support small, local firms and use their buying power to support local disadvantaged socio-economic groups.
  • Reward research that has policy impact and that can be applied to the local setting.
  • Incentivise contributions to local arts and creative sectors which play an important role in retaining graduates and attracting inward investment.

For the full briefing, please see here.


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