How Can Data Be Used to Reduce Homelessness?

Welcome to REDI-Updates. REDI-Updates is a bi-annual publication which will get behind the data and translate it into understandable terms. WM REDI staff and guest contributors will discuss various topics, with this first publication focusing on how inclusive growth can be a tool to tackle regional imbalances across the UK. In this article, Josh Swan discusses … Continue reading “How Can Data Be Used to Reduce Homelessness?”

Data for Good. How Has Data Transformed Today’s Social Sciences?

At the beginning was Big Data, then Machine Learning came and now is the time of AI. Since buzzwords emerge faster than the innovation waves they describe, the conceptualization of digital transformation remains sometimes vague, although it can be considered the result of convergence among advances made in several related information and communication technologies (ICTs). … Continue reading “Data for Good. How Has Data Transformed Today’s Social Sciences?”

Inequality, Not Facebook, Threatens Our Democracies

In a recent viral TED Talk, the British journalist Carole Cadwalladr accused big tech companies in Silicon Valley of threaten liberal democracies and becoming “accessories” to their alleged subversion. In particular, she recalled the Cambridge Analytica case and accused Facebook of acting as a tool to spread lies and misinformation that eventually made Leave campaign … Continue reading “Inequality, Not Facebook, Threatens Our Democracies”

Meet Massimiliano Nuccio, Research Fellow at City-REDI

I enthusiastically accepted to join City REDI at the University of Birmingham because I believe it is a unique academic research centre in its scope and approach. Since starting at City-REDI have found a stimulating working environment, passionate people and very skilled colleagues. Although my background is in economics and business, my career has not … Continue reading “Meet Massimiliano Nuccio, Research Fellow at City-REDI”