Changes to the UK Immigration System After the Brexit Transition Period

Professor Anne Green discusses how Brexit, recession and COVID-19 will impact immigration to the UK and create an unpredictable situation where some sectors and occupations may struggle to meet their labour and skills needs.  This is part two of a blog series on International Travel, Migration and Immigration. View the first blog.  Summary Recession and … Continue reading “Changes to the UK Immigration System After the Brexit Transition Period”

COVID-19 and the Impact on International Mobility and Migration

In this blog, Professor Anne Green discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and associated travel restrictions which have led to a marked reduction in international travel and immigration to the UK. It has also disrupted the collection of statistics on international travel and immigration. Across various indicators, there has been a reduction in immigration to the UK. … Continue reading “COVID-19 and the Impact on International Mobility and Migration”

When Weak Ties are Strong – Neighbour Analysis of Ethnic Enclaves

Presenter: Ozge Oner, Lecturer in Spatial Economics and Real Estate, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge On the 4th March 2020, Ozge Oner presented her research work with fellow academics Professor Johan Klaesson, Research Institute of Industrial Economics and Dr Dieter Pennerstofer, Kepler University Linz. Below is an abstract and also a video recording … Continue reading “When Weak Ties are Strong – Neighbour Analysis of Ethnic Enclaves”

Conservatives talk tough but bring nothing new on immigration

The Conservatives commitment to controlling immigration has regularly been questioned after they repeatedly failed to meet their net migration target. Now, the party’s election manifesto outlines its immigration policies for the next parliament, and how they would be implemented. The Conservatives are proposing to keep their “ambition” of delivering annual net migration in the tens of thousands, which … Continue reading “Conservatives talk tough but bring nothing new on immigration”

City-REDI in the News

In the last month, City-REDI have featured in the Financial Times and Study International News: Study International News – “University of Birmingham: Birmingham Business School – Making research relevant”. This article, which features Professor Simon Collinson, highlights the work of City-REDI in developing an academic understanding of major city regions across the globe to develop … Continue reading “City-REDI in the News”

International students – Do we really want less?

In the post-Brexit era, a number of previously subdued discussions and ideas came to the fore which attempted to address the concerns of the general public revealed by the referendum. Amongst these is immigration. And within that, there are considerations of reducing the number of international students to universities. In this post, I’m adding my … Continue reading “International students – Do we really want less?”