Regional Input-Output Group Meeting

se On the 26th of April, City-REDI hosted a gathering for those interested in the development and application of regional input-output (IO) techniques in the UK. Matt Lyons summarizes the papers shared and the discussions had about the shared challenges and opportunities for researchers in the field. It is an exciting time for an input-output … Continue reading “Regional Input-Output Group Meeting”

Brexit Employment Risks by Occupation

Brexit will cause impediments to exports from the UK to the EU. These will affect UK sectors to different extents. Some sectors sell large shares of their output to EU markets, while others do not. These differences have an impact on the degree to which specific occupational types of employment are exposed to trade risks … Continue reading “Brexit Employment Risks by Occupation”

Meet Andre Carrascal Incera – City-REDI’s New Research Fellow

I am an economist mostly interested in income distribution, regional disparities and the link between demographics and the labour market. Since the beginning of my academic career, I was attracted to understanding the economic and social implications of the different regional productive specializations, first for the case of Galicia (where I come from) within Spain, … Continue reading “Meet Andre Carrascal Incera – City-REDI’s New Research Fellow”