International Women’s Day: Dispelling the Myths

In advance of International Women’s Day, the team at City-REDI looked at the myths surrounding women in the workplace and the steps we should be and are taking to dispel these.    This blog is part of an International Women’s Day series. The myths about women in the workplace have had a negative impact on women … Continue reading “International Women’s Day: Dispelling the Myths”

Breaking Bias: International Women’s Week – Elizabeth Goodyear

Elizabeth Goodyear talks about her experiences as a female in a male-dominated workplace and the steps she took to gain the job, experience, and skills she has now.  I started working for City-REDI and WMREDI as Programme Manager in May 2021, after almost 13 years in Strategic Planning at the University of Birmingham.  I was … Continue reading “Breaking Bias: International Women’s Week – Elizabeth Goodyear”

Meet Elizabeth Goodyear, WMREDI’s New Project Manager

I joined the WMREDI Team as Project Manager in May 2021, I have worked at the University of Birmingham for 13 years and have had many varied roles in strategic planning, research, and impact over that time.  My most recent role was as Project Manager for the Economic and Social Research Council Impact Accelerator £1m … Continue reading “Meet Elizabeth Goodyear, WMREDI’s New Project Manager”