City-REDI / WM REDI Round Up – July 2020

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In the Media
  • The Industrial Strategy Council held a webinar to launch its recent report “Understanding the policy-making processes behind local growth strategies in England”. Dr Abigail Taylor and Professor Anne Green worked on the project and Rebecca Riley was one of the speakers at the event as well as Andy Haldane from the Bank of England.
  • Professor Simon Collinson and Professor Raquel Ortega-Argiles took part in the event “It’s the Post-COVID Economy, Stupid!” as part of the series “Living with the Pandemic” organised by the Institute of Global Innovation, University of Birmingham.
Reports / publications released
Local and Central Government
  • On the 22nd July, Professor Anne Green gave a presentation to the Birmingham City Council Economy & Skills Overview & Scrutiny Committee entitled ‘Impact of Covid-19 on sectors and the workforce’.
  • George Bramley attended the Local COVID Monitoring and Intelligence meeting organised by BEIS Business and Local Growth Analysis and give a short presentation on the Monitor and recent research in the region.
Look ahead to the coming month…
  • Professor Raquel Ortega-Argiles and Professor Anne Green will be taking part in the ERSA Web Conference 2020. Professor Ortega-Argiles is a keynote speaker and Professor Green is part of a round table discussion called “Regional Science and the COVID”.

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