Investing in Infrastructure: Best Practice From Bilbao to New South Wales

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Guggenheim Museum formed part of Bilbao’s regeneration

Abigail Taylor, Anne Green and Gina Coe discuss how governments around the globe have focused on infrastructure investment in attempt to address regional inequalities. 

Governments have turned to infrastructure development to stimulate economic growth. From the UK’s Plan for Growth and the European Green Deal to the US’s Build Back Better Plan, infrastructure has been positioned as the panacea for better connecting people and places with opportunities.

A new report investigates experiences of investing in infrastructure in six areas across the world. Produced by City-Region Economic Development Institute (City-REDI) and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) as part of an ‘Addressing Regional Inequalities’ series, the research investigates the policy settings and factors that support successful outcomes from infrastructure programmes and projects. In particular, it examines the governance and financing frameworks behind the infrastructure initiatives to provide insights into how alternative systems and approaches can deliver key outcomes that help address regional inequalities.

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