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My name is Fengjie and I recently joined the City-REDI Team working on the Productivity Project. I am from China, and completed my MPhil and PhD in the University of Manchester. My PhD in Science, Technology and Innovation Policy explored the knowledge sharing and co-creation in service innovation based on the Knowledge-Intensive Business Services.

I am also passionate about innovation management, technology commercialisation, productivity and regional development. Through the last several years, I figured out that I’d like to focus on the research which is applicable for firms. I was involved in some projects for which I needed to manage different types of cooperation with firms, research institutes and government. I also have a good knowledge of Chinese markets and am exploring projects in China.

Before joining City-REDI, I gained some experience with technology commercialisation. City-REDI mainly focuses on the academic research of innovation management, technology commercialisation, firm productivity, regional development, and regional inclusive growth, which is closely related to my PhD topic and my previous experience. I am therefore happy to be part of the City-REDI Team. I’m enjoying working with skilled colleagues in a friendly environment.

I have joined the Productivity Project Team, which was set up to identify local factors that underlie and explain regional differences in productivity, with a focus on mismatches between the supply of and demand for specific skills. This is based on prior research which identifies lags in productivity performance at the national and regional levels and the significance of internal skills gaps and external skills shortages. My knowledge and previous experience on innovation related research will contribute to the work of the team.

I love travel and photography. From my perspective, nice pictures are the best way to help us keep our memory. I want to use nice photos to keep a record of my life.


This blog was written by Fengjie Pan, Productivity Research Fellow, City-REDI.

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