Progressive Nurture: Does Growing up in Large Cities Influence Life-Time Individual Values?

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On Thursday 20th April, City-REDI held a hybrid seminar with Davide Luca from the University of Cambridge on Progressive Nurture. Does growing up in large cities influence lifetime individual values?

Watch seminar below.

In contrast to the conservative values of rural populations, cities are often seen as bulwarks of liberal, progressive outlooks. This urban-rural divide in individual values has become one of the major fault lines in Western democracies, underpinning major political events of the last decade, not least the election of Donald Trump in the US, or the Gillet Jaunes protests in France.

Yet, there is wide disagreement about what factors drive differences in outlooks along the urban-rural gap. Are urban-rural differences purely compositional, or does growing up in a large city make individuals more ‘culturally tolerant’ and ‘progressive’? This project draws on Household Panel Surveys across Europe to establish how and why birthplace urban density may affect lifelong adult individual economic, social, and political outlooks.

Watch the whole seminar:

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