Harnessing the Digital Economy: The Role of Early Adoption of Digital Technologies

In this blog, Tasos Kitsos, Emmanouil Tranos and Raquel Ortega-Argiles discuss their most recent publication on the impact of early engagement with the digital economy on regional productivity. There is hardly a need to argue the importance of digitisation and the digital economy on our everyday lives. The fact that virtually every governance level (from … Continue reading “Harnessing the Digital Economy: The Role of Early Adoption of Digital Technologies”

Inequality, Not Facebook, Threatens Our Democracies

In a recent viral TED Talk, the British journalist Carole Cadwalladr accused big tech companies in Silicon Valley of threaten liberal democracies and becoming “accessories” to their alleged subversion. In particular, she recalled the Cambridge Analytica case and accused Facebook of acting as a tool to spread lies and misinformation that eventually made Leave campaign … Continue reading “Inequality, Not Facebook, Threatens Our Democracies”

Rethinking Modern High Streets: What Comes After Retail?

The high street is reaching crisis point. House of Fraser and Marks & Spencer have joined the list of high street giants expressing difficulties in today’s turbulent retail environment. This comes after a string of high profile closures, including HMV, BHS, Toys R Us, Mothercare and Carpet Right. Even service outlets are closing their doors, … Continue reading “Rethinking Modern High Streets: What Comes After Retail?”