Covid-19 and Business: Has Government Support Worked?

Alice Pugh looks at the impact of lockdown on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), what support they’ve received and how they have fared compared to their larger counterparts. Covid-19 has created significant shocks throughout the business base. In the first wave, 47% of all UK industries reported that their turnover had been lower than normal … Continue reading “Covid-19 and Business: Has Government Support Worked?”

Regions in a Time of Pandemic

Professor Raquel Ortega Argiles, writing for WM REDI looks at how the pandemic and lockdowns have disproportionately affected more deprived areas, both in terms of health and finance, as well as other factors including the environment and working conditions. This blog is based on the last editorial of Regional Studies “Regions in a time of … Continue reading “Regions in a Time of Pandemic”

Informing Regional Recovery With Community Priorities: WM Citizens’ Panel

Anna Humphreys and Adam Hawksbee from the West Midlands Combined Authority explain why the West Midlands Recovery Coordination Group set up a panel of citizens to help with the recovery in the region, as well as the findings from the group, and what they prioritised. Over the past few months, the UK Government has asked an … Continue reading “Informing Regional Recovery With Community Priorities: WM Citizens’ Panel”

COVID-19 and the Impact on Crime in the West Midlands

In this blog, Dr Sara Hassan (WM REDI) and Emerzon Somera (West Midlands Combined Authority) look into how crime statistics have changed since lockdown began, and some of the factors that have influenced these changes. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many speculated changes in crime. These statistics show the impact of COVID-19 on … Continue reading “COVID-19 and the Impact on Crime in the West Midlands”