Megatrends in the West Midlands: Future Mobility

Madga Cepeda-Zorrilla explores future urban mobility and the functioning of places. She considers the challenges for transport from shift to homeworking and hybrid working; the growth in walking and cycling; car ownership, technology and behaviour and safety on public transport.   This article is part of larger project looking at Megatrends in the West Midlands. … Continue reading “Megatrends in the West Midlands: Future Mobility”

Regional Assets and COVID-19 Impacts

This blog is based on a review of assets carried out as part of the Midlands Engine Independent Economic Review and the development of LEP profiles. We have also looked at what the major risks are to those assets going forward. You can find full details in the State of the Region 2020.  Tourism Assets … Continue reading “Regional Assets and COVID-19 Impacts”