150 Sikh women and girls will take part in the Bradford 5K Race for Life

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Next week, a group of around 150 Sikh women and girls will take part in the Bradford 5K Race for Life to set a world record to try and inspire more people in their community to open up about cancer.

Mandip Sahota, Edward Cadbury Centre Honorary Fellow, is hoping to break down taboos while making people more aware of the signs and symptoms.

Cancer can be really difficult to talk about, for any community. Just saying the word for some people can be very very difficult.

This is a disease that effects everybody irrespective of which community you’re from, and the one thing that unites us all is unfortunately we all know someone who’s been affected by cancer.

(Quote from itv, 2018)


Mandip has been doing this for a few years – starting it with her mum – and she says that everyone loves it! This year they do it to raise money to beat cancer, to have fun and to set a world record for the largest group of Sikh women participating in such a race. There is a great sense of community at the events, the Gurdwara provides food for Cancer Research UK volunteers, and for the first time, it is really inter-generational.

Mandip said that in 2016 when they started they had around 40 women with an average age of about 60. Last year 120 women joined them!

And this year, they are hoping for 200 women… The wonderful side benefit of the promotion of the event and the aim to break a world record has been people talking about the impact of cancer, a subject many people from all communities find hard to discuss.

If you happen to be in Yorkshire for the run, do not forget to join them!




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