Economic resilience: addressing the challenges to come

Economic crises have happened long before the great recession of 2008 and unfortunately will happen again in the future. Maybe not as bad as the 2008 one but they will happen. We can spend years discussing why recessions happen and we can use plenty of insights in psychology, economics as well as ideological arguments. This … Continue reading “Economic resilience: addressing the challenges to come”

Electric Vehicles by 2040: Changing the Game for Jaguar Land Rover

In a bid to deal with concerns over air pollution, the UK’s government announced a plan to prohibit the sales of new cars and vans that use diesel and petrol as fuel by 2040. Poor air quality has been named as ‘the biggest environmental risk’ to the health of individuals, prompting the government to announce … Continue reading “Electric Vehicles by 2040: Changing the Game for Jaguar Land Rover”

Inspiration within Operations Management

  Last week at the 24th European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Conference which was hosted by the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, City-REDI’s Amir Qamar delivered his research. Amir’s research, titled Lean versus Agile Manufacturing: An Empirical Investigation into the Midlands Automotive Industry, explores how lean and agile manufacturing strategies can result in different performance … Continue reading “Inspiration within Operations Management”

What are the economic impacts of Brexit on the UK’s sectors, regions and cities?

This piece was written by City-REDI’s Professor Raquel Ortega-Argilés. Recent research suggests that the UK’s cities and regions which voted for Brexit are also the most economically dependent on EU markets for their prosperity and viability (Los, McCann, Springford and Thissen, 2017). This is a result of their differing sectoral and trade composition. Different impacts are … Continue reading “What are the economic impacts of Brexit on the UK’s sectors, regions and cities?”

Visualising Research

Last month Birmingham Business School hosted the annual Midlands Regional Doctoral Colloquium which invited young researchers from the regions universities (Aston, Warwick, Nottingham, Loughborough and Birmingham Business Schools) to present their research. It was a busy day, with four concurrent streams covering papers from Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing scholars. The keynote speech delivered … Continue reading “Visualising Research”

Manufacturers in the UK – Taking Their Eye off the Ball

Here, City-REDI’s Amir Qamar discusses the fate of British manufacturing after Brexit. The fate of the British manufacturing industry is currently unclear, with many organisations concerned about the effects that Brexit may have on their business; however, the potential impact will become much clearer once the government negotiates with the EU and concrete trade deals … Continue reading “Manufacturers in the UK – Taking Their Eye off the Ball”