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In this blog, Tasos Kitsos launches his ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship on regional economic resilience.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of this ESRC fellowship.

In 2008, a severe economic crisis hit economies around the world. Its effects included a significant loss of GDP and employment which led to several social ills associated with recessions. However, the crisis did not impact all places with the same severity. My PhD thesis investigated the crisis impact across Local Authority Districts in Great Britain during 2008-2014 and identified factors such as skills and demographics as significant determinants of a place’s resilience performance.

Currently, there is a need to expand the list of resilience determinants and consider the policy implications for sub-national geographies. What other factors affect local economic resilience? What can local authorities do with their current powers to increase their resilience to economic shocks? What new powers do they need? These are some of the burning questions of research on the field. Answering these questions can significantly benefit the well-being of people in local areas across the UK.

This 12-month fellowship will enable me to build on my PhD and pursue policy-relevant research on the topic. It will produce and disseminate research and policy documents to tackle the above issues with the aim of developing robust strategies for enhancing resilience outcomes.

See my previous publication, policy briefing and blog on economic resilience.

Connect and watch this space for the project’s progress updates.

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Tasos Kitsos

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