West Midlands socio-economic health check: Labour market

The middle of April has brought us the latest release of the Annual Population Survey. The survey is the most comprehensive socio-economic picture we have for a range of geographies from the national to the local level. In this blog, we will examine the information on labour markets for January to December 2017 and compare … Continue reading “West Midlands socio-economic health check: Labour market”

Fiscal devolution: An era of opportunity

City-REDI has prepared this brief to inform the debate on fiscal devolution. The UK has traditionally been a fiscally centralised system with most of the local authority income coming from government transfers. The acknowledgment of the importance of place and local leadership in policies such as the industrial strategy, devo deals and the budget, together … Continue reading “Fiscal devolution: An era of opportunity”

Twelve Economic Impacts of Christmas 2017

There are many types of Christmas. For some it is a special religious moment, for others, it is a time for families and friends and for many a time for consumption.  For many others, it is a critical time in their business activities – a time in which sales linked to Christmas determine profitability and … Continue reading “Twelve Economic Impacts of Christmas 2017”