Malicious Emails and How to Spot Them

Millions of malicious emails are sent every day.  Many of these are trying to steal your personal details.  Most of you are aware that criminals send messages that pretend to come from your bank to steal bank and other personal details, but a fair proportion of these target less obvious information such as your University … Continue reading “Malicious Emails and How to Spot Them”

Fake Speeding Notifications

Quite a few fake speeding tickets have been sent to University members.  There have been variations of this type of email, all claiming to be from  Greater Manchester Police.  The link in this example led to a page inviting you to open a document and asked for your username and password.  Another very similar message … Continue reading “Fake Speeding Notifications”

Recent Phishing Email

As part of this blog we intend to bring you examples of phishing and other malicious emails with highlighting suspicious characteristics.  It is hoped that this will help people spot malicious email more easily.  Additionally, it should also be useful in helping people avoid suspicious characteristics in genuine messages. Here is the first example which … Continue reading “Recent Phishing Email”