Increase in Phishing Attacks

We have had a lot of phishing attacks recently, many coming from University staff and student accounts that have given their username and password in response to an earlier attack. A lot of people are responding to these.  The wording varies, but all follow a very traditional pattern for phishing messages.  They include emails telling … Continue reading “Increase in Phishing Attacks”

Covid variation of Gift Card Scam

Earlier this year we published an article on the Gift Card Scam. We have had a few reports of variations in this scam, tailored for the current Covid-19 crisis.  One example email started with the following. “Good morning Peter, I’m planning to surprise some of the staffs with gifts during this unprecedented health crises, your … Continue reading “Covid variation of Gift Card Scam”

Blackmail Scam

We have been getting quite a few calls recently about messages trying to blackmail people.  They allege that the recipient has been viewing pornographic sites, malware has been installed on the recipient’s computer and they have compromising recordings of the recipient that will be sent to friends and colleagues. For example: To make the message … Continue reading “Blackmail Scam”

Fake Fax Notifications

There are a number of emails circulating claiming to have fax messages attached.  These contain word attachments which are infected with a macro virus.   The messages are all from genuine senders who have been infected with the virus. If you receive any messages with attachments which are unexpected, please delete them and do not attempt … Continue reading “Fake Fax Notifications”

Important Message From Staff Portal

We have a huge number of reports of a phishing campaign which many people have recognised as such.  Some, however, appear to have been taken in by this.  Initial versions came from outside the University which were easy to spot as bogus. However,  once some people had given their passwords away their accounts were then … Continue reading “Important Message From Staff Portal”

Bogus invoices from the University

We have had a lot of reports about fake invoices apparently sent from other members or departments in the University.  A new trick being deployed is to add an extra address in the from: field after the name but before the actual address in the from: field. This tries to trick people into downloading and … Continue reading “Bogus invoices from the University”

Malware in Fake DHL Parcel Notification

We have received numerous messages containing email claiming to be from DHL about a parcel. The messages ask you to download a “javascript report”.  Javascript is a language for writing programs and not the type of file that would contain a report.  This is in fact a javascript program that when run downloads other malicious … Continue reading “Malware in Fake DHL Parcel Notification”

Malicious email from Birmingham University account

The following are examples of phishing email sent from a Birmingham account that had been compromised.   If you look carefully at the content it should be clear that the messages are not genuine.  We think that the fact that it originated from within the University led some people to believe that it was real. … Continue reading “Malicious email from Birmingham University account”

Fake UKPC parking tickets

Amongst the other scams and phishing emails that are around, there is a fake email based parking ticket scam being sent to people nationally.  The email contains a fake parking ticket.  The email claims to be from UKPC and has a link that tries to trick you into downloading malware onto your PC. This has … Continue reading “Fake UKPC parking tickets”